This program is designed to provide disability or any care related workers, with foundation knowledge to implement practical skills in infection prevention and control. The program is designed to enhance existing knowledge or introduce infection control principles in an environment where workers engage with people who may be immune compromised or have a disability.

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Course Description

The course was developed with input from disability workers through National Disability Services Australia, during the COVID-19 pandemic and covers strategies to minimise the risk of potential infection outbreaks and implement appropriate measures for any infectious outbreak. These core elements apply to COVID-19 or any infectious disease and are essential to ensure the safety of all workers, people receiving care and the community.

This program is divided into six modules with a final assessment and evaluation. 

Module 1: What is infection prevention and control?
Module 2: Infections and the chain of transmission
Module 3: Hand hygiene
Module 4: Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Module 5: Vaccines
Module 6: Cleaning and waste management
Final quiz and evaluation.