N95 respirator mask fit testing

Health Education Collaborative has a team of experienced health professional who can come to your workplace and conduct quantitative fit testing.  Our staff are very experienced educators who are accustomed to wearing N95 masks. Our team ensure your staff are coached in proper fitting and safe doffing of their masks. We provide a report to the staff member and the organisation. We have provided fit testing for RMIT students, Aspen Medical and Department of Health Victoria.

Quantitative Fit Testing

  • Is data-based
  • Provides a real objective metric
  • Tests the actual mask individuals will wear to protect them
  • Uses fit testing equipment to measure the leakage around the face seal of a respirator facepiece to calculate a “fit factor” *
  • Fit factor is a quantitative estimate of the fit of a particular respirator mask to a specific individual and estimates the ratio of the concentration of particles in the ambient air to its concentration inside the mask.


Sharon fit testing

We use the latest Fit Testing Equipment

AccuFit PRO 9000