Health Education Collaborative (HEC) have a team of highly trained and experienced Infection Control Consultants, senior Registered Nurses (Grade 5+), vaccination, and education experts. We provide:

  • IPC online learning programs– based on Commonwealth, Department of Health (DH) and SaferCare Victoria compliance guidelines contextualised for your organisation.
  • Tiered IPC Learning modules for 1) non-clinical staff and volunteers, 2) Clinical staff (patient facing), 3) Clinical staff/management 4) Contractors such as in-reach teams and General Practitioners/Physicians
  • A blend of online learning and face to face consolidation of online materials
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Topics Covered

  • Prevention and management of communicable diseases, for example, Influenza, gastroenteritis, COVID-19
  • PPE and hand hygiene
  • Zoning
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Prevention and management of Urinary Tract Infections
  • Prevention and management of delirium due to infection
  • Wound management and further modules developed in accordance with emerging issues and guidelines to contextualised to suit your facility or organisational needs

Services We provide

  • Face to face training – to support our online learning modules including skills-based assessment in metro and regional areas
  • Sustainable champions model for staff –  ensuring ongoing staff training and onboarding of new staff to facility IPC requirements.
  • A response team – to assist with urgent facility IPC issues.
  • IPC policy and procedures –  assistance in developing contextualised policies for individual facilities or organisations based on Commonwealth/Department of Health Guidelines
  • Reporting function – for Commonwealth/DH requirements and ACQSC requirements
  • Site visits – for IPC issues, pre-accreditation assessment.
  • Staff vaccination program

Health Education Collaborative has a proven history of providing IPC training and support throughout the pandemic. This included training and educating the Health Department Infection Prevention Control and Response team, Victorian Aged Care Response Centre (VACRC), Australian Defence Force (ADF), Authorised Officers (AOs), Border force, Federal Police, and COVID Quarantine Victoria (CQC) hotel security.

We have developed interactive online IPC training modules for:

  1. National Disability Service (NDS)
  2. Safer Care Victoria (SCV) – maternal and child health

For further information please call Bruce on 0444 547 036