About us – HEC

As an organisation, we form collaborative partnerships with peek bodies to design, develop and deliver high level education and training.

As a clinician owned and run organisation, we pride ourselves on producing current best practice education and clinical skills training for clinicians.

Our courses and programs are reviewed and endorsed by peek bodies and leading health care professionals.

Why are we different

We listen, we collaborate, we partner, we are clinicians. We speak your language!


To provide evidence-based and accessible education for health professionals.

To enhance and promote critical thinking and improve patient care through best practice education and skills development.

Our Values

Commitment: to providing best practice clinical education and training.
Consistency: of high-level education and training delivery.
Positivity: in the outcomes of providing good education.
Creativity: in developing and delivering education and training.
Passion: to educate clinicians to expand their scope of practice.

Bruce Greaves CEO/Director

RN Cert Emergency Nursing, Dip.App.Sci Acupuncture

I have 40 years of clinical practice, including critical care, clinical and undergraduate education and 14 years as Nurse Unit Manager of an Emergency Department. I am passionate about developing and delivering best practice clinical skills training and education which provide clinicians with appropriate skills to enhance their scope of practice and improve patient care and clinical outcomes.


I have delivered a variety of different courses all over Australia, including regional and remote areas. I also studied acupuncture for several years (out of interest to explore other modalities) and eventually became an educator in this field. I was awarded an honorary teaching degree from the Beijing University where I took student from Australia on study tours, to practice and learn in several hospitals and clinics.


Course development is my passion; designing and creating clinical skills education in modalities that can be contextualised to meet students learning needs. I have developed many courses including speciality courses in ENT, fracture management and suturing.


My goal is to improve patient outcomes through innovative course design and delivery to meet the education needs of the ever challenging and changing health care system that we work in.


Outside of work my passions are cycling and classic cars so if I’m not riding, I’m driving.

Margaret Villella Director

RN BN Grad Cert CC

I have been nursing for 29 years and been very fortunate to have worked in a variety of settings (medical, surgical, coronary care, intensive care and emergency), in five states of Australia and in numerous roles (ANUM, NUM, clinical educator, undergraduate and postgraduate educator, simulation facilitator and after hours management).


I am passionate about enhancing clinical skills and knowledge through best practice training and education. I have a keen interest in recognising and responding to the deteriorating patients and strategies on how to improve early recognition skills and timely escalation processes.


My goal is to create practical, relevant and vital clinical skills training that enhances one’s knowledge and improves critical thinking, which in turn improves patient outcomes.


Outside of work I like to keep fit by running and walking. I love to cook and share my creations with family and friends over a lovely glass (or two) of wine.